… according to your desires, adapted to your level, your kitchen, your equipment to work in a familiar environment, ensuring independence and success…

Uniques Pastry Classes

I offer pastry classes at home, according to your wishes, adapted to your level, your kitchen, your cookware. You will cook in a familiar environment, guaranteeing autonomy and success. The message I pass contains a know-how tinted with my values.

Then, by yourself, you can recreate the pastries and treat your family and friends, over and over again …

These classes are fun, friendly and creative. By adapting my classes to the level of each one, you will learn, understand and grasp the basics, the techniques and the tricks. So, at home, you will be able to cook your favorite pastries again.


… by using quality products from organic or rational farming, favoring local producers and seasonal products.
These classes are founded on my values: the taste of the good food, the taste of the genuine and the homemade. With a culinary and nutritional approach, you will learn to do it yourself, with a better understanding of what you eat, and preventing overconsuming.
My recipes have a low amount of sugar, and I accommodate to the growing demand of gluten-free and vegan …

In French Or In English

For anyone who wants an initiation in another language, I offer pastry classes either in French or English. It is an original and exciting idea: children can learn some basics in another language while having fun!


I have no list of predefined classes. I prefer encouraging your creativity by assisting you in the choice of recipes. Free your imagination to design the pastry class matching your ambition! 
No inspiration? You can also discover my 
recipes ideas. You will find my latest recipes, along with my favorites.

Feeling inspired? Do not hesitate longer, Learn to Do It Yourself!

For more information and help you in the choice of recipes, please do not hesitate to contact me using the contact form.