…from discovering …to sharing.

My Values

Genuine, creativity, sharing.

Today, my skills combine with my values into unique lessons.

I use quality products from organic agriculture, and I promote local producers.


My name is Élodie, I am a Pastry Chef. Sweet As Pastries was born out of my love for New Zealand and pastry.

I was a young backpacker and amateur photographer, looking for discovery and exploring the world. By chance, while traveling, I rediscovered pastry in New Zealand, on Waiheke Island.

While working as a dishwasher in a restaurant, I instantly liked the atmosphere, the scents, the noise, the colors, and above all, the passion in the eyes of my Chefs.

Over the weeks, I discovered new flavors, new textures, new techniques. Naturally, I moved towards the kitchen as a Commis, then Second Chef at the starters section.

With the support of my Chefs, I revealed myself in pastry, a childhood’s forgotten passion.

I became a Pastry Chef in “Cable Bay” renowned gourmet restaurant. I learned the techniques and basics of pastry, also developing the profession’s inherent assets: accuracy, consistency, autonomy, team management and coordination.

This experience shaped the person I am today: a Passionate.

Four years later, back in France, I decided to formalize this experience with a Pastry Chef Diploma in 2015.

Thanks to this certificate, I worked in a cooking school giving pastry lessons, developing the sense of teaching.

A new passion was born: to share my knowledge, to share the “taste of the good food”.

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